This space will include my meditations as I record them.  If you would like a meditation for a particular purpose just ask.



The first 11.11.11 meditation was held on 11th November and  the second one on 29th November, 2009 (also an 11.11.11 day)  These are the only 2 days between 2000 and 2017 that give a 33 (11+11+11) date and this makes them very auspicious days.

There was a wonderful surge of energy on 11th November and I hope that you will help to increase this on the 29th.

The procedure is the same as before. Although these dates have now passed please do continue increasing the energy by using this meditation.  Each year on the 11th November at 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. wherever you are this meditation will be run once again.


Begin the meditation in whatever way you choose to reach a meditative state either alone or in groups.  Then allow yourselves to reach and join with others also participating.  If you would like music in the background again choose whatever you feel comfortable with as being appropriate for the occasion.  Aim to start the meditation itself at 11 through to   11 minutes past 11.  You can, of course, do this twice in the day or morning or evening whichever suits. 11.11.11 equals 33 and is the number of the Ascended Masters who are assisting in this process equals 44 being the number of reconciliation, healing and bringing together the God and Goddess energy (or whichever way you perceive the male and female aspects), the number to bring healing to not only the individual but also to society and the world.  Used positively this energy can enable release of the burden’s of life and help to move towards to more balanced way of life.  44 is the master balancer.  55 is the way shower and the leader into the light, universal mediator and ultimate freedom.


Find a comfortable place to sit and allow your body to totally relax, breathe deeply from the diaphragm and allow your mind to remain focused and clear.  On your next in breath allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed.  Notice as you relax that you are beginning to be surrounding by sparkling golden and crystalline light.   As the light around you increases it begins to flow through your body, feel as every cell in your body becomes filled with this beautiful golden crystalline light.  You begin to feel lighter and then notice as you feel yourself extending and reaching out to connect with the others also meditating at this time.  As this connection is complete feel the energy increase and form one large glowing energy form.  Once the group connection of the energy has completed feel as the energy glows and sparkles.

Become aware now of lifting above the Earth and looking down on your home country noticing where the light is bright and where there is darkness.  You can now feel that there is something about to happen that there is a portal beginning to open.  Visualise this portal as beautiful large golden doors.  As you see these doors they are closed and you know that there is still something that is awaited before the doors will open.  Cast your eyes further around the world and as you place your attention over Africa you can see two areas of bright light.  One is over Egypt and the other is over the underground Lemurian City of Light. You become aware of the energies joining you both from Egypt and from the Lemurian city.  These beings have been waiting for this time to help bring in the  energies needed now to heal the self, society and the world.  Mankind can now make the decision to change and move forward towards the Golden Age.  The Lemurian envoy has brought two immense Lemurian crystals and steps forward to place one either side of the portal doorway.  As this is done the crystals begin to glow and the envoy tones a sequence of notes to signal the readiness for the  portal opening and to open and clear and attune the minds of those participating.

Now watch as the huge golden doors begin to open and you can sense the excitement building in anticipation.   As the doors open you are able to see the rainbow light begin to flood through.  The colours are all opalescent and vibrating at a high frequency.  Standing firm and linking with the whole group you assist the energy coming through to the Earth and watch as it flows first to the areas already shining brightly and gradually flowing into all the areas of darkness.  As the energy flows you become aware of the higher level of knowledge and understanding that accompanies the energy each one of you receiving the information that you need to take your next step on your life path.  For many this will be a complete change moving into new areas and undertaking new tasks.  You have been waiting for this for so long and now it is here.  World Peace and tolerance is closer and each person has a role to play in bringing this into being.

Many of you will receive a connection to Ancient knowledge too through Egypt or Lemuria as we are now moving forward in a number of parallel streams all aiming for the same outcome but taking different routes and bringing different aspects of the energies into play.  Those of you drawn to this meditation are following the Lemurian energies which are neither better or worse than other energies simply different and reflect your own personal soul lineage.

Watching the energy continue to flow you begin to notice the changes within you as all the many aspects of yourself integrate particularly the male and female aspects.  You see the male and female aspects of yourself appear in front of you.  At first you see them standing side by side but then they move together and you watch fascinated as the two aspects merge into one another retaining their integrity but fully combined.   As this completes the merged male and female aspects step towards you and you allow them to step within you and sense the new feeling of balance and completeness.  Completing this merge you extend your awareness around you and feel the change in the group energies as each individual also becomes complete.

Looking at the doorway once again you see that the crystals at the doorway have also taken into themselves the opalescent rainbow colours and are holding the flow of energy steady.  The flow will continue for some time to come until the changes necessary are firmly in place.

The Lemurian envoy now steps forward, he is smiling and happy so many have chosen to help in the bringing in of these new energies.  You are the way showers, each one of you has agreed to take the lead and show others the way forward.  Each one of you carries a torch to lead the way.  Look in your hand and you see the torch flaming brightly with the same opalescent rainbow light.  Watch this light and see how with your intent to fulfil your purpose it burns ever brighter.  The Lemurian envoy speaks again and tells you that this torch is taken back into your daily life not in your hand but in your heart and as he says this you watch as the torch moves from your hand and takes its place firmly in your heart.  Your purpose is lit by this light and you feel a renewed strength both in yourself and in your purpose.

The Egyptian and the Lemurian envoys now step back and stand one each side of the portal to guard and protect the energy as it  continues to flow.  You sense that it is now time for you to leave and you allow yourself to return slowly to your physical body bringing the new energies with you.  The energy continues to flow and you know that you will remain connected to it and more memories and knowledge will also continue to flow to you.

Allow yourself to slowly return to your body feeling your connection with the Earth and feeling as you ground the new energies into the Earth herself.  Bringing your new energy and knowledge with you return to where you are now relaxed and refreshed.

I would love you to let me know about your experiences during this meditation and how this is changing your life.