Angel Therapy Workshop



In this Angel Therapy workshop we look at a number of Angels and Archangels and the particular areas that they work within. We also consider the Rays and the governing angels for each of these.

Having considered the Angels, their correspondences and spheres of influence we discover a range of ways in which to connect with the relevant Angels to obtain their help for specific purposes.  There are many Angels so a selection of these will be covered in this short workshop being the ones that are perhaps the best known.

The concept of Angels with wings is perhaps the commonly held one.  We will consider this view and when and how this came about together with taking a look at other ways in which you could visualise them.  Angels have a specific frequency and we will also consider ways in which to raise your own frequency to make connection to and working with this frequency easier.

This workshop is not religion based. Angels appear in many different religions and outside of religious confines so this is a broad based approach looking at a range of ways in which to connect with and work with Angelic healing.

You are encouraged to raise any questions you may have or to discuss any elements of this topic that you are interested in or have questions about.