Crystal Healing Therapy



Crystal healing is an ancient method of effecting changes within the body. Each crystal has different properties and a different vibration or resonance. By placing the crystals on of around the body any imbalances in the body’s energy system can be rebalanced. Crystal treatments can provide benefit for physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues.

You will be asked to complete a client form giving your medical history. Then you lie on the treatment couch and simply relax! No clothing is removed although you will be asked to remove your shoes, glasses (if worn) and any heavy jewellery or watches. You will be more comfortable if you wear some looser clothing particularly ensuring that there is nothing tight around your waist or throat.


The treatment comprises the placing of a variety of crystals on and around the body. Once the crystals have been placed you will be allowed to relax and absorb the energies for around 15 minutes and for your energy system to become realigned. Once the process is completed the crystals are removed and you may relax for a few minutes. During the treatment you will normally feel very relaxed and may become aware of changes occurring throughout your body. You will generally be aware of the effects continuing for a few days after the treatment. Where the treatment has been more on an emotional level you may find that it is a day or two before the main effects are felt. Suitable for any age. Contra-indications – none.

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